Published On: Wed, Mar 6th, 2019

Somalia, Kenya agree to restore diplomatic relations

Initiated by the reformist Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia, the leaders of Somalia and Kenya met today to peacefully resolve their diplomatic dispute.

“Through the leadership of PM Abiy Ahmed, President Kenyatta and President Mohamed Abdullahi met this morning to discuss extensively on the source of the two countries dispute. As an outcome both agreed to work towards peace & to take measures in addressing particular issues that escalated the tensions,” the Office of The Prime Minister of Ethiopia twitted this morning.

The tension between Somalia and Kenya is a major threat for the region, which the world is closely watching, according to Mr. Nigussu Tilahun, Press Secretary of the Prime Minister Office of Ethiopia, who spoke to the state broadcaster – ETV last night.

“During the peace talks in Kenya, the leaders discussed how to peacefully resolve their differences before it turns into a major regional problem. It is expected that the leaders will reach an agreement in this regard,” Mr. Nigusu said.

The two countries have cut their diplomatic ties closing their embassies. Unless the tension between the two nations is eased, the consequence will not only be limited to the two countries but also to the region including Ethiopia.

Before their departure to Nairobi, Prime Minister Abiy and President Mohamed Abdullahi have consulted on peace and regional economic integration, according to the statement from the Office of the Prime Minister.

They also discussed mechanisms on how to ensure the strengthening of the Kenya-Somali relations as well as about the continuation of joint port development between Ethiopia and Somalia.

The statement of the PM Office has indicated that the two leaders have also discussed how to ensure relations with the administration of Somaliland and Somalia is in support of regional peace.

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